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Meeting International Challenges

ECYT Law represents Asian and U.S.-based businesses in complying with cross-border regulatory requirements.

One of the biggest obstacles to businesses both large and small that are considering expanding into new territories is the perception that compliance requirements in foreign markets will make growth either impossible or overly complex. While various countries do of course have their own ongoing compliance requirements and challenges, we all know that many businesses do rise to that challenge by finding solutions. At ECYT Law, we provide compliance solutions to both Asian and U.S.-based businesses in expanding and growing their business by delivering cost-effective results across borders in meeting regulatory requirements.

How We Assist Our Clients

  • Advising on international growth strategies
  • Evaluating particular compliance needs
  • Completing compliance requirements
  • Responding to enforcement actions
  • Litigating compliance decisions
  • Appealing administrative rulings for clients

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Making International Growth Happen

A Partner in Overcoming Compliance Obstacles at Home and Abroad

ECYT Law has become a trusted partner of businesses of all sizes across a variety of industries due to our ongoing results in helping those businesses meet the demands and challenges of expansion into new markets, and nowhere is this more true than in our ability to help companies understand and meet compliance requirements.

Whether your company is facing compliance challenges at home, is seeking to enter a new market and understand the compliance requirements it faces, or is dealing with new compliance concerns in an existing market, we can advise and represent you in handling all compliance issues to help you succeed.

Counsel in Responding to Compliance Investigations and Actions

When companies face a notice of a pending investigation or adverse findings in a compliance matter, it is important to have experienced counsel committed to your business’ success on your side. At ECYT Law, we stand by companies in responding to compliance enforcement actions and investigations from the first sign of an issue.

Our team will work with your company to conduct internal investigations if necessary to evaluate the presence of compliance concerns, assess your best options and strategies, and negotiate and/or litigate on your behalf to achieve the best possible result in your compliance matter.

Helping Move Your Business Forward

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