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Comply With PDPA Requirements

We help companies conducting business in Singapore and other Asian markets comply with data protection regulations.

The protection of sensitive personal data has become one of the most important issues that businesses across the world face, as governmental bodies and agencies are increasingly responding to concerns raised by consumers following widespread data hacks and perceived mishandling of private information. ECYT Law can help your business comply with the requirements of the Personal Data Protection Act of 2012 (PDPA) as well as other data protection compliance regulations. We can also provide counsel in responding to governmental data protection enforcement actions and private lawsuits stemming from alleged mishandling of private data.

How We Assist Data Protection Clients

  • Assessing data protection risks
  • Counseling on data protection requirements
  • Development of compliance procedures
  • Updating procedures to meet current needs
  • Responding to enforcement matters
  • Litigating private and public actions

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Keeping Your Business Secure

Preparing Your Company to Meet Data Protection Requirements

The PDPA governs the use, collection, disclosure, and care of personal data, and it mandates a baseline level of protection that businesses operating in Singapore must meet, as well as sector-specific requirements. The PDPA works in conjunction with other privacy laws and common law requirements with which businesses must comply.

ECYT Law has counseled businesses across industries in helping them to meet the requirements of the PDPA as well as other industry-specific and state-specific data protection mandates. We can work with your company to achieve full compliance in all data protection issues that you currently or may eventually face.

Defending Your Business in Data Protection Actions and Disputes

Governmental bodies and agencies frequently take action against businesses in Singapore and elsewhere in Asia based on alleged breaches of data protection laws. Our legal team can work with your business from the first sign of a potential investigation or enforcement action to mitigate consequences and work towards a positive outcome.

In addition, businesses may face private lawsuits and other disputes arising out of the alleged mishandling of private data. Our dispute resolution attorneys can provide effective counsel in pursuing a positive result through mediation, arbitration, or at trial in any data protection lawsuit or dispute your business faces.

Helping Move Your Business Forward

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