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From compliance concerns to resolving employment disputes, ECYT Law has your business’ employment matters covered.

One of the key factors that continue to make Asian markets a prime location for businesses seeking expansion and growth is the vast amount of talent available in the form of employees and contractors. But, of course, each new market can bring with it a new set of employment concerns and regulations, and new hires and partnerships can mean new agreements and risks. ECYT Law represents companies in handling all aspects of employment law issues, from assisting companies in complying with local regulations, developing internal employment guidelines, creating employment agreements, and resolving employment disputes.

How We Assist in Employment Concerns

  • Advising on compliance matters
  • Developing internal guidelines
  • Drafting employment agreements
  • Negotiating terms of contracts
  • Obtaining employment visas
  • Resolving employment-related disputes

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A Holistic Approach to Employment

Working With Your Company to Achieve Win-Win Situations

Businesses flock to places like Singapore, Hong Kong, Guangdong, and throughout Asia to tap into the incredible capital that our employees provide. Whether your business is established in Asian markets or is in the beginning stages of working with local talent, ECYT Law can provide comprehensive legal services to establish positive working relationships.

We can work with your business through all stages of hiring and employment to address legal and business matters, from recruiting talent, obtaining visas, and creating employment agreements to creating internal employment guidelines and procedures compliant with local regulations and which will reduce the risk of costly employment disputes.

Achieving Positive Outcomes in Employment Disputes

If and when employment disputes do arise, the ECYT Law team can take a variety of actions to defend your business’ interests. This includes conducting an internal assessment of facts to determine whether liability exists, negotiating a beneficial outcome for all disputes, and litigating disputes in arbitration or at trial if need be.

Employment disputes can involve a number of different claims, which can be complicated when the employments laws of different countries are involved, but we can work towards resolution in matters involving all matters such as breach of employment contract, wrongful termination, or discrimination.

Helping Move Your Business Forward

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