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Counsel in Bankruptcy Proceedings

ECYT Law represents business organizations and creditors in all insolvency and restructuring legal matters.

Insolvency in the context of a company’s life cycle can mean a variety of things: a winding up of the organization’s affairs altogether or perhaps the beginning of a new phase through restructuring of debt arrangements. In all such matters, ECYT Law provides guidance, counsel, and representation to the various parties involved, including corporations and partnerships undergoing liquidation or restructuring as well as creditors pursuing their right to repayment through all related proceedings. Work with our team from the first sign of a potential restructuring to assess your best options and strategies for moving forward.

Assisting Companies and Creditors

  • Evaluating restructuring options
  • Providing counsel on strategies to pursue
  • Advocating for directors and officers
  • Negotiating with interested parties
  • Restructuring debt arrangements
  • Litigation and arbitration representation

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Achieving Winning Outcomes for Clients

Negotiating Advantageous Restructuring Arrangements

The bankruptcy system is designed not to punish companies who are unable to pay their debts in full, but rather to provide socially and economically beneficial paths back to viability for organizations in challenging times. At ECYT Law, we are sympathetic towards insolvent companies and pursue every option to restoration.

Our team works with companies, directors, officers, creditors, and courts to achieve beneficial outcomes in restructuring proceedings. We will work to fully assess the going concerns of all parties involved, create innovative solutions, negotiate to reach agreement on moving forward, and litigate if need be to build a better future for your business.

Litigating on Behalf of Parties in Bankruptcy Proceedings

When restructuring is either not an option or not a result that properly honors the interests of our client, we will fully litigate towards an outcome in arbitration or at trial that provides a just result on behalf of our client, while at the same time working within our client’s budgetary and long-term organizational goals and concerns.

Bankruptcy proceedings can often be some of the most difficult and complicated legal proceedings, involving dozens of competing parties and a limited amount of available recovery, which is why working with experienced insolvency counsel such as ECYT Law can be critical to obtaining a just and satisfactory outcome.

Helping Move Your Business Forward

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