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Protect IP Rights Across Borders

ECYT Law advises and represents businesses globally on registering and protecting their intellectual property.

For more and more businesses both large and small, their intellectual property is often their most valuable and enduring assets. Failing to take the proper steps to obtain IP protection can mean giving away the future of your business, and failing to enforce the existing IP protections that your business does have can lead to the same disastrous result. Increasingly, IP matters are cross-border, international concerns, requiring counsel that understands the laws and procedures of various countries. At ECYT Law, we work with businesses from around the world to establish and enforce IP protection through trademark filings and litigation proceedings.

How We Assist Companies Globally

  • Assessing IP needs and concerns
  • Obtaining copyright protection
  • Filing for trademark protection
  • Pursuing passing off actions
  • Asserting trademark/copyright actions
  • Defending against IP lawsuits

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Comprehensive IP Counsel and Advocacy

Establishing the IP Protection Your Company Needs to Grow

In many cases, the first and most important step to achieving victory in an intellectual property matter - either in asserting or defending against such actions - is to establish your rights at the outset. ECYT Law works with companies around the world to file for IP protection in various jurisdictions to prevent infringement and baseless litigation.

As trademark agents, we can take all necessary steps to assess your need and likelihood of success in obtaining a trademark and then to obtain it on your behalf in all relevant territories. We can also work with your company to establish copyright protections for all necessary work in addition to pursuing other legal options.

Enforcing IP Protections and Defending Your Interests in Actions

If another party appears to have infringed on your intellectual property - either in the form of use of a trademark or copyrighted material, or in passing off unregistered IP - our attorneys will assess the potential infringement, negotiate towards a quick resolution, and/or litigate to the fullest extent of the law if need to be to obtain justice and recovery.

When you or your company are the target of a threatened or actual IP action, we can advise and represent you, including in assessing the relative merits of the action and potential defenses. We can negotiate on your behalf in responding to threats as well as provide a robust defense in arbitration and litigation to all claims.

Helping Move Your Business Forward

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