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Resolve Complex Tenancy Matters

ECYT Law represents landlords, commercial tenants, and other relevant parties in landlord-tenant transactions and disputes.

The markets for both residential and commercial continue to skyrocket throughout many parts of Asia - including Singapore, Hong Kong, and Guangdong - making leases a huge financial cost for individuals and companies alike who operate in Asia, and creating high stakes for owners of commercial and residential properties. At ECYT Law, we provide guidance, counsel, and representation to landlords and tenants (including those entering into new territories for the first time) in negotiating leases and related transactional agreements as well as in resolving tenancy-related disputes through negotiation, arbitration, and litigation where necessary.

Assisting Landlord-Tenant Clients

  • Negotiating tenancy agreements
  • Drafting leases and amendments
  • Collecting rent in arrears actions
  • Disputes over lease obligations
  • Repossession of premises proceedings
  • All residential lease matters

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Your Landlord-Tenant Advocate

Negotiating and Drafting All Landlord-Tenant Transactions

Real estate prices throughout Asia continue their steady climb, and corporate and residential tenancy agreements are often one of the most financially critical transactions that both landlords and tenants enter. At ECYT Law, we work with all parties to create and draft agreements which honor their rights and protect their interests.

Whether you are seeking to enter into a relatively routine lease or are negotiating a wide-ranging, long-term rental agreement, our legal team will work with you to make sure your interests are served in all relevant areas, from covenants and obligations to potential rights to enforcement and damages in the event of breach.

Providing Counsel to Landlords and Tenants in Disputes

ECYT Law also provides advice to and representation on behalf of corporate and residential landlords and tenants when disputes do in fact arise. We can advise you on your rights and advocate on your behalf in arbitration and trial forums to ensure that your rights are enforced pursuant to the terms of your agreement.

Our team can work with you in reaching positive outcomes in a wide variety of landlord and tenant disputes across jurisdiction and territories, including disputes over rent payment (including rent in arrears), breach of covenants and nuisance matters, repossession and eviction actions, and all other actions.

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