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ECYT Law provides counsel to investors, funds, and banks in transactional matters and disputes.

Asian markets from Singapore, Hong Kong, Guangdong, and beyond provide incredible opportunities for investors all over the globe, and serve as a launching point for banks and investors conducting business far outside of Asia. ECYT Law provides legal counsel and representation in all types of transactional matters and disputes relating to banking and investment in funds, projects, and other types of investment opportunities sourced in Asia as well as those originating from beyond its borders. In addition, the ECYT Law network provides end-to-end business services supplementing its private equity and wealth management practice.

How We Assist Our Clients

  • Advice on fund/project formation
  • Cross-border registration issues
  • Compliance matters in multiple territories
  • Negotiation of transactional terms
  • Drafting of all relevant agreements
  • Resolution of investment-related disputes

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A Long-Term Partner to Clients

Guidance and Counsel in Exploring Investment Options

Individuals, funds, and businesses both in and outside of Asia know that earning substantial returns and results on investment in our current global economy means seeking new opportunities beyond their borders, and even on the other side of the world, and ECYT Law provides the comprehensive legal and business services necessary in exploring new markets.

Whether you are a seasoned investor, a potential partner in a fund, a company looking to expand its portfolio into Asia, the U.S., or beyond, ECYT Law can work with you to understand the legal and business complications and risks that you will face and provide you with the services to overcome those challenges.

Assistance in Finalizing Investment Transactions and Disputes

Whether you are entering into an investment opportunity from the position of an investor, promoter, fund manager, or other relevant party, ECYT Law can work with you to ensure your interests are honored and protections are enforced in negotiating, drafting, and finalizing any and all transactional documents relevant to your interests.

ECYT Law also represents parties in resolving compliance matters related to investments - including overseeing compliance and registration issues spanning the borders of multiple countries - and also litigates investment-related disputes on behalf of parties in arbitration and at trial.

Helping Move Your Business Forward

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