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Comprehensive Counsel and Advocacy

ECYT Law represents clients in creating wills, trusts, and other testamentary devices as well as in probate proceedings.

Passing abundance on to family members, loved ones, and charitable causes can be a complex matter when large, varied assets are involved and when the financial laws of various jurisdictions are relevant. At ECYT Law, we have built a strong reputation for helping families and individuals create lasting legacies which preserve wealth, reduce asset depletion, and help promote familial and societal causes and goals. We also act as administrators and/or litigate in probate matters on behalf of interested parties to ensure that justice is served and proper outcomes are reached for our clients in light of applicable law.

How We Assist Our Clients

  • Assessment of estate planning needs
  • Drafting and updating of wills
  • Creation of all types of trusts
  • Applying for grant of probate
  • Letters of administration matters
  • Litigating probate issues

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A Trusted Partner to Families

Take the Steps Necessary to Build Your Lasting Legacy

We work our entire lives to take care of the people and causes most near and dear to our hearts, and, through estate planning, you can make sure that your hard work pays off in the form of having your assets preserved and protected for your beneficiaries in ways that create ongoing prosperity and a lasting legacy.

Our team will work with you to assess your current goals for the future as well as your current and potential future assets to determine your best options and strategies for estate planning. We will then create and finalize all such legal tools, including drafting wills and trusts that provide for asset protection and clear guidance regarding your wishes.

Work With Effective Counsel in Resolving Probate Matters

Our attorneys also work with individuals and families in probate proceedings, both as administrators and in advocating for the rights of interested parties to receive assets through the probate process. With our detailed understanding of the probate process, we have achieved effective results for a wide variety of parties.

We have particular experience in advocating on behalf of parties in connection with applications under the Mental Capacity act as well as in providing counsel and representation in connection with complex trust issues. Speak with one of our team members regarding any questions you have about the probate process.

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