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From the most challenging financing transactions to complex disputes and compliance issues, ECYT Law can help.

East Asia is the shipping hub of the world, truly connecting the eastern and western worlds in an ever more complex, robust, confusing, and elaborate system that can provide incredible opportunities for growth while at the same time presenting immense challenges and obstacles. ECYT Law works with all types of business organizations whose work involves shipping and maritime offers, including banks, investors, distributors, manufacturers, and others. To support this work, firm founder Eric Chen earned a Masters of Law in Maritime Law from the University of Singapore.

Our Shipping and Maritime Work

  • Represent domestic and foreign banks
  • Counsel investors in financing transactions
  • Advise government agencies on matters
  • Resolve compliance issues
  • Negotiate and draft transactions
  • Litigate cargo and chartering disputes

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Experienced Shipping and Maritime Counsel

Advice in Negotiating and Drafting Shipping and Maritime Transactions

ECYT Law has developed a wealth of experience in negotiating and finalizing large-scale shipping and maritime transactions, which has included our work in counseling banks across the world in ship finance transactions totalling over $1 billion, as well as in acting as counsel on behalf of investors in a variety of transactions.

One of the qualities that makes ECYT Law different from other firms is our ability to provide world-class service on budgets that are adaptable to the needs of our clients, both large and small, and we are consistently able to achieve cost-effective, efficient results for clients in the shipping and maritime arena.

Representation in Resolving Compliance Issues and Shipping Disputes

Shipping and maritime disputes often involve complex international law and disputes over jurisdiction and procedure, but ECYT Law has the experience and wealth of skills to handle the most challenging cases. We have frequently represented clients in a wide variety of cargo and chartering disputes, among others.

We take pride in our ability to navigate shipping and maritime disputes in a way that reaches the most practical and effective conclusion for our clients, and we have consistently been able to achieve positive outcomes through innovation, advanced dispute resolution strategies, and a deep familiarity with the shipping and maritime law affecting Asian markets.

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